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A to Z Glossary

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  A&L Action & Logistics - one of the main XRNL Circles - A&L Wiki Page - A&L Mattermost Channel
  AcxL Action & Logistics
  AxL Action & Logistics
  AG Affinity Group, the smallest organisational unit in XR, made up about 6 to 15 persons who have particular roles during events, or carry out specific tasks
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  BBB BigBlueButton -online conferencing system integrated with Mattermost. Help on BBB
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  CA Citizens' Assembly a form of deliberative democracy – a process in which ordinary people (who are selected by stratified sampling (eg drawn by lot)) make political decisions. The establishment of a citizens assembly to address climate change is one of XR's core demands.
Link to XR Global guide to CAs. PDF, 28 Pages - XRNL Citizens' Assembly on Mattermost
  Circle XRNL Circles are a set of specialist teams. For many Circles, for instance "Action & Logistics" there may be both a National Circle, and also Local Circles attached to Local Groups.For some Circles, eg Finance and Tech, there is only a National circle. List of all National Circles
  Cloud Document management and sharing environment using NextCloud (urls start like https://CLOUD.extinction Help on NextCloud - Link to NextCloud
  CxC Coordination Circle, Coordination Circle Wiki Page
  COP26 United Nations 26th Climate Change Conference. Originally scheduled for Sept 2020, now postponed.COP26 on Wikipedia
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  Discourse Discourse server at System which provides an interactive environment for threaded discussions. When a topic is being discussed in depth Discourse works better than Mattermost. Help on Discourse - Link to Discourse
  DNA DNA = Deoxyribonucleic Acid (literally), but in XR the term is used metaphorically to characterise "DNA" training for activists. This training imparts basic knowledge about XR, more in-depth knowledge sharing, tips and tricks about the movement knowledge and resources - and so aligns everyone following the training to be on the same Page, and learn what makes XR XR
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  Finance Finance Circle, one of the core National Circles - Finance Wiki Page
  FFF Fridays For Future, a climate change movement. Wikipedia entry for FFF
  FLA Four Letter Acronym
  FoD Future of Democracy, an XRNL Circle. The Future of Democracy (FoD) circle wants to build more resilient, inclusive, and participatory communities and democracies in order to adapt societies to the increasingly uncertain conditions of the climate and ecological emergency - FOD Wiki Page - FoD Mattermost Channel
  FOSS Free and Open Source Software. Many of the applications used by XR are of the FOSS type. They are generally low cost.
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  IRC International Rebellion Circle - IRC Wiki Page - IRC Mattermost Channel
  IRC Internet Relay Chat - an Internet messaging format standard, first used in 1980s.
  IRL In Real Life, abbreviation used in text messaging
  I&P Inclusion & Power Circle - I&P Wiki Page - I&P Mattermost Channel
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  Legal Legal Circle, one of the core National Circles. Legal Wiki Page
  LG Local Group - one of 20+ XR Local Groups around the country. List of all LGs with contact info
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  M&C Media & Communications Circle - M&C Wiki Page
  Mattermost MM Logo.png Messaging platform used by XRNL - Help on Mattermost - Link to Mattermost
  MM Mattermost - messaging platform used by XRNL.
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  NC NextCloud
  NextCloud NextCloud server at Web based document sharing application used by XRNL - see Cloud above. Help on NextCloud - NextCloud user account self-registration - NextCloud folder Group admins who can grant read/write access - Link to NextCloud top level
  NVDA Non Violent Direct Action - a core value for XR. Training in NVDA is available for activists
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  O&T Outreach & Training - an XRNL Circle. O&T Wiki Page
  OxT Outreach & Training
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  PSC Political Strategy & Change, one of the core National Circles. PSC Wiki Page
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  RC Regenerative Culture Circle - RC Wiki Page
  RST Regional Support Team - there are five Regional Support Teams for the Netherlands. See full list of RSTs
  RWB Rebels without Borders - a type of XR Event. See Rebellion Mattermost Channel
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  Signal Communications system widely used in XRNL. End user page about Signal in XRNL
  SRT Self Regulating Teams, a National Project. See the MM Channel
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  TAR Tasks, Authorities and Responsibilities - the name of a standard document in XRNL which is created when a Circle or team is set up. Also referred to as a Mandate
  Tech XRNL Tech Team, National Circle responsible for delivering IT (applications etc) to XRNL. Tech Wiki Page
  TLA Three Letter Acronym
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  VVL Vrijwilligers Vergoeding Levensonderhoud (Volunteer Living Allowance). VVL Wiki page
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  XR Extinction Rebellion - Global organisation founded in 2018
  XRNL Extinction Rebellion Netherlands
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