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  • List of all non-personal email addresses currently in use within XRNL, along with the relevant team.
  • Note that names of individuals who are custodians of email addresses available on request from XRNL Tech team
  • Column XRNL's Domain contains the value "Yes" where the email addresses end ""
  • Column Group Types are National Circle (eg Media&Comms), Local Group (eg Utrecht), Local Circle (Media&Comms for Utrecht), National Project (eg Landbouw), Community (eg Scientists), Application Specific (eg linked to NextCloud), or Other
  • Column Status removed January 2021 since no longer useful. Column in development (may 2020). Some Protonmail email addresses are in fact aliases of addresses. Want to capture those as "Alias". Some emails originally set up, but no longer used.
  • *Updates January 2021* Various updates done, including a review of all the "" accounts. Some such addresses have been deleleted. Any such deleted addresses which were previously in this table have been left in the table, but shown with *strikethrough*.

Email List

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Email Address XRNL's
Group Type Circle
(or LG)
LG Location
(or national)
Verification Yes National Circle A&L national Yes National Circle Collaboration / Samenwerking national   National Circle Coordination national   National Circle Finance national Yes National Circle Integration national Verifed 03-March-2020   National Circle Integration national Yes National Circle Integration national Deleted Jan 2021   National Circle Legal national Yes National Circle Media national Deleted Jan 2021 Yes National Circle Media national Yes National Circle Media national Yes National Circle Media national Yes National Circle O&T national   National Circle O&T national Yes National Circle PSC national Yes National Circle Regenerative Culture national Yes National Circle Tech national maps to   National Circle Tech national Verified 20-Apr-2020, maps to   National Circle Tech national This is used with GoogleDrive for XRNL. This email account is auto-forwarded to Yes National Circle Tech national Verified 20-Apr-2020   Local Group LG Alkmaar   Local Group LG Almere   Local Group LG Amersfoort   Local Group LG Amstelveen   Local Group LG Amsterdam Also and   Local Group LG Arnhem/Nijmegen   Local Group LG Breda   Local Group LG Castricum Yes Local Group LG Delft maps to   Local Group LG Den Haag   Local Group LG Deventer   Local Group LG Dordrectht   Local Group LG Eindhoven   Local Group LG Enschede   Local Group LG 't Gooi   Local Group LG Groningen   Local Group LG Haarlem   Local Group LG Houten   Local Group LG Leeuwarden Yes Local Group LG Leiden   Local Group LG Maastricht Yes Local Group LG Maastricht   Local Group LG Midden-Drenthe   Local Group LG Roermond Yes Local Group LG Rotterdam Verified 19-may-2020 Yes Local Group LG Utrecht   Local Group LG Wageningen   Local Group LG Zaanstreek   Local Group LG Zutphen Yes Local Group LG Zwolle   Local Circle Arts Amsterdam   Local Circle Media Leiden   Local Circle A&L Utrecht   Local Circle Media Utrecht Yes Local Circle O&T Utrecht Obsoleted, Jan 2021. Forwarded to   Local Circle O&T Utrecht   Local Circle PSC Utrecht   Local Circle Regenerative Culture Utrecht   Action FashinAction national   National Project LandBouw national Yes National Project Burgerberaad / Citizen's Assembly national   Community Doctors national   Community Families national Yes Community Scientists national Verified 03-March-2020 Yes Application Specific NextCloud national NextCloud Sends out new user emails as being From: this user. Owned by Tech Circle. This is an Alias for   Application Specific NextCloud national Attached to userid NCADMIN. Owned by Tech Circle.   Find Out      
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