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Mattermost Application Basic Information

Info Group Item Detail
Basic Info Name Mattermost, often abbreviated to MM
Status in XR Recommended option for general purpose messaging for Activists and Volunteers
Application Type Web based application accessible from web browser and mobile Apps, open source
Functionality Messaging platform allowing both Public and Private areas. MM is sometimes referred to as a FOSS version of "Slack"
Business Impact Stakeholders  
Importance Essential messaging platform shared amongst all Activists and Volunteers.
Security MM is quite open, with most of its content available to all users. Private Channels offer reasonably good security. Messaging during events and other operations is best handled by Signal or Telegram
GDPR Status Assessment needed
Licensing, commercial Licensing status  
Third party support  
Technical Info Backups  
Hosting XR Private Hosting
Client requirement Works with any modern web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge). Also has client applications for Windows, Linux, IOS. And mobile apps for Android, IPhone. See downloads page
Mobile client No mobile apps, but the webforms for recruitment and signup work ok on Mobiles.
People Typical users All XRNL
Subject Matter Experts ??? ??? in Tech team
Typical usage All Communication between Teams and Circles, both Nationally and Locally.
Standard User Setups ?? ??
Documentation User manuals etc Docs at
Wiki pages Wiki page with info for Mattermost end users
Community Mattermost Resources for end users linked from the Wiki page with info for Mattermost end users
Backstory Why This is the communication platform that is primarily used to communicate and coordinate with everyone within Extinction Rebellion.This platform was set up to replace Slack, such that XR teams can organise themselves privately, on non-commercial,non-US-government-accessible, community-owned-and-operated infrastructure - all protected under strict Swiss data-privacy laws.Furthermore, this server runs directly from renewable energy, making it mission coherent with XR as a whole.
If you find yourself here, and wish to join, please ask your local coordinator for an invite link

More Mattermost

Structure of MM URLs

Mattermost has a three level structure which can be seen in the URL address of a Channel

Structure of URLs to Mattermost Channels
Level Description of Level
in Mattermost
Examples Sample link to
XR Haarlem Town Square
Display Name
of MM Team or MM Channel
First 1st is the Server Always n/a
Second 2nd is the Team Examples xr-netherlands, xr-haarlem xr-haarlem XR Haarlem
Third 3rd is the Channel Example town-square town-square XRHlm Town Square
Full URL: - Clickable link
Note that there are also "Display Names" associated with both the MM Team and the MM Channel.
Those display names do not form part of the URL.

Macro %MM%
  • Macro is declared on Wiki site here:- WebPreferences
  • Admin User info on FOSWIKI Macros
  • Suppose @john_itdh is a valid MM UserID, then include this into the Wikitext: %MM{"@john_itdh"}%
  • This will first be expanded to this code
  • And it will look like this on the rendered page @john_itdh
  • If user clicks the link
    • If MM UserID is valid a "Direct Message" dialog will open in a new Tab in user's browser.
    • If userid not valid, it will open a Town Square page (but does not raise an error message)

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