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  • Information about the Wiki application for Tech Team members.

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Wiki Information

Info GroupSorted ascending Item Detail
Backstory Why This is a self-hosted system designed to replace Google Docs and other proprietary collaborative document systems.
XR teams can create documents here privately or publicly, on non-commercial, non-government-accessible, community-owned-and-operated infrastructure - all protected under strict Swiss data-privacy laws.
Furthermore, this server runs directly from renewable energy, making it mission coherent with XR as a whole.
Basic Info Name Wiki
Basic Info Status in XR A repository of cross-linked information for and curated by XR Activists and Volunteers
Basic Info Application Pure HTML (web) platform
Basic Info Functionality Web pages that can created and collaboratively edited.
Basic Info URLs
Business Impact Importance Central repository for permanent organizing information
Business Impact Security The Wiki is divided into "Webs".
By default, all Webs are public but can be set private. Individual pages can also be set public or private.
Users can request an account but cannot edit without asking an administrator.
Business Impact GDPR Status Assessment needed
Documentation Wiki pages Start page explaining the Wiki
Documentation Mattermost Channels Wiki Launch and Support -Wiki Creation
Documentation Discourse Original discussion in Discourse, Q4 2019
Documentation Discourse Pre-launch discussion in Discourse, Q1/2020
Documentation Trello Work Mgmt Trello board for Wiki related items
Licensing, commercial Licensing status GNU GPL v2:
Licensing, commercial Third party support Considerable:
People Typical users All XRNL
People Subject Matter Experts @john_itdh in Tech team
Technical Info Backups chron job - see @daanmeijer
Technical Info Hosting XR Private Hosting
Technical Info Client requirement Works on any browser
Technical Info Mobile client Works on mobile browsers
Typical usage All A repository for information for Organizers, Activists and Volunteers

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