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This page provides end-user information about Big Blue Button a new option for desktop conferencing which is secure, and tightly coupled to Mattermost. One new feature provided allows you to go from a regular Direct Message dialog into an online Conference with Audio, Video and desktop sharing. If you have a regular Mattermost text chat underway with other XRNL activists you simply click the BBB button; that launches an online conferencing session which the other participants who are able to join via a simple click.

Info about BBB

  • Including participants who are not on Mattermost in a BBB online conference:-
    • Inviting participants who are not on Mattermost via a link is not currently possible from within Mattermost. This is possible however when the Meeting Coordinator is set up with an account on XR's BBB server, With such an account you can share link invites by logging in and initiating a meeting from there. To request an account, send an email to
  • BBB Tutorial Videos, quickstart
  • Overview of BBB
  • Test BBB for yourself

Mattermost screenshots showing where to start BBB

MM Page type Screenshot showing where to start BBB
Icon bar top right in a MM Direct Message conversation BBB BrowserIcon.PNG
From user info popup BBB UserPopup.PNG

During the Meeting, Notes on the Interface

Get to know the BBB interface - several sets of options around the screen

Top Left Shows list of users in meeting. If you click the head+shoulders icon BBB HeadShouldersIcon.PNG this will display or hide a left hand side bar giving full list of participants. BBB Options TopLeft.PNG
Top Centre Option to start recording the meeting BBB Options TopCentre.PNG
Top Right Click on the three vertical dots, options for leaving the meeting BBB Options TopRightz.PNG
Middle Right Options for use of the shared Whiteboard BBB Options MiddleRight.PNG
Bottom Left Options to upload presentation, play video etc BBB Options BottomLeft.PNG
Bottom Centre Options for Mute/Unmute audio, leave audio, start/stop video, share screen with meeting. The Share Screen button will only be there if you are a Presenter. Meeting organizer can change user status in the LH Sidebar BBB Options BottomCentre.PNG
Left hand side bar show/hide Public Chat, show/hide Shared Notes, User management options BBB Options LHSideBar.PNG

Routine Actions in a meeting

How to:-
  • Mute/Unmute Audio - microphone icon, Bottom Centre
  • Start/stop video - video icon, Bottom Centre
  • Share Desktop - share desktop icon, Bottom Centre - only shows if you are a presenter
  • Show/Hide left hand sidebar - click head+shoulders icon top left
  • Make another user Presenter - display LH side bar if hidden, click on user's name, take option "Set as Presenter"
  • Make everyone else Mute, plus other options - User settings gear wheel icon in LH sidebar

Client Devices

Client Devices for BBB - No app to install!
Device BBB Uses… Note
Windows Laptop or PC Chrome, FireFox  
Chromebook Chrome browser  
Apple macOS FireFox, Safari  
Android Chrome browser Android v6.0+
iPad or iPhone Safari Mobile browser iOS 12.2+
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