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If you are new to using Tech in XRNL - see this Start Here page

This page is for the regular end users of IT applications and systems in XRNL. Tech team members should use this link.

XR Tech provide a number of recommendations as to what systems, applications etc which XR volunteers should use when working on XR Business. These include both:-

  • systems which have been set up specifically for XR, sometimes hosted on XR dedicated servers
  • and in addition there are recommendations of which "mainstream" applications can be used - eg Facebook, Twitter etc.
Page is owned by XRNL Tech Circle. See list of wiki editors

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Getting assistance - Help Calls and Feature Requests

There are a lot of resources linked from this page which provide onward links to user manuals etc. If the application you are using is associated with a particular Circle (eg Action Network is widely used by Outreach&Training - then networking with the people in that circle can often be the best way forward.

But if you are stuck or need some extra help there are two ways forwards.

Type of assistance Described How to ask What you can expect
Help Call This for situation that something is broken, giving error messages, not working as expected. Post a message in the XRNL Tech Channel on Mattermost A Tech team member should get back to you within one working day
Feature Request This is when you need something new which is not already in place, a new feature, a new Report & co Submit a request via one of these links, Nederlands - English You will get an initial response within xxx working days to discuss further.

Main Applications

List of Main Applications in use within XR NL - click the "More on..." links in right hand column for more info.

What Wiki
Main use How to use Links
XRNL website Wikipage for Website Communicating XRNL's message to everyone in the Netherlands Take the link!, Nederlands - English
Mattermost Wikipage for Mattermost Online messaging platform allowing XR Activists to communicate with each other, view Channels of information from the many teams, the local groups etc Ask your XRNL contact point for a link which can be used to sign up Mattermost xr-netherlands
NextCloud Wikipage for NextCloud Sharing documents within XRNL Your circle will give you a link to the folders of relevant documents
Discourse server   Dedicated XRNL location to allow structured discussions on web forum Your circle will announce when this is to be used
Wiki   Providing information for everyone working or volunteering with XRNL When the wiki is fully rolled out there will be Wiki focal point editors working for each Circle, Location etc who are providing pages.
Action Network   Application handling emails sent out to Activists Communicating with XRNL Activists via email Volunteers can register for emails on this link
Secure Email User wiki page Many activists find it useful to have a separate Email account for XR related matters.The option we recommend is to use ProtonMail, run by a small Swiss based company.This is secure and indepdendent of major Tech companies. Basic option is free, more features for EUR 4 per month. Works from laptop, with free Smartphone app etc ProtonMail Signup
Signal secure messaging Wikipage for Signal Secure communications: use for planning an action & communicating during an action and all other communications you wish to keep confidential.

Whatsapp or Telegram are not secure alternatives to Signal.
Once you have registered an account and installed the mobile phone App, it works in a way broadly similar to WhatsApp. Register for Signal here
Telegram messaging   Public Broadcasts. Do not use Telegram for confidential communications, as it is not end-to-end encrypted by default. Once you have registered an account and installed the mobile phone App, it works in a way broadly similar to WhatsApp. Register for Telegram here

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