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First time users of Mattermost should take this link for Mattermost "Start Here"

End user information about the Mattermost messaging system (abbreviated to MM)

Tech Team members use link to MM Info for Tech Team

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Overview of Mattermost

  • Mattermost (MM) is a messaging system. All XRNL activists are expected to be on MM.
  • Activists can use any username (like @Fred_Amsterdam or @JimForTheClimate), so a certain level of privacy is possible. You do have include an email address when you register, though that is not visible to other users.
  • On joining you will be made a member of a particular "Channel". Channels are set up for types of activity, particular locations, and for once off events. More on Channels below.

Channels in Mattermost

  • Most channels are done in English, some where most posts are given in both English and Dutch, and other channels Dutch only. The convention for which language is Still-finding-out.
  • Channel types with (clickable) examples
  • Public vs Private Channels
    • Most Channels are public and so readable by all MM users - in practice that implies information is accessible to the whole world. There are activities which require messaging to extend to a small group of people - and that is when a Private channel is appropriate - you may receive an invitation to join a Private channel, which will then come up in your MM Sidebar.

Direct Messaging

  • You can also message an individual or a small group (up to eight users) for a conversation which does not fit into the mould as a Channel. Direct Messaging usage works much the same as WhatsApp. Ask your XR colleagues what is their ID on Mattermost.

MM structure - Teams and Channels

MM has a hierarchical structure like this
  • Teams
    • Channels
      • Users

Detailed information for users

User manuals & co


  • How to get registered, tba

Client software requirement on your phone or laptop

  • MM works with any modern web browser on both desktops and mobiles. But there is client software available which makes Mattermost easier to use, especially on a smaller device like a smartphone.
  • MM Client software is available

Mattermost Team Configuration

This describes various configurations that be done by an Admin for a Mattermost. These should get done during the MM Team setup, but if not, check.

  • What is a Mattermost Team
    • It is identified by the string in the URL between "" and "Channels"
  • How to identify the Team Admin for an MM Channel
    • People who just set up channel
    • Team Admin in popup card
  • MM Team Configurations
    • Ensure MM Team is visible on the "select_team" page
      • XXXX
    • Upload a Logo file for your MM Team - needs a square PNG file size 128x128 pixels
      • XXXX
    • Ensure that your MM Team has at least two Team Admins
      • XXX

Password Reset

  • On a desktop, click the three horizontal lines next to your username, top left of the page. Then take the option "Account Settings"
  • On the mobile app click the three vertical dots top right of the page, then on option "Edit Profile"

More help needed

  • Please contact xxxx
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