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Provides end-user focussed information for the NextCloud document management solution. Link to XRNL's NextCloud Instance

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NextCloud Quick Start

Overview of NextCloud

NextCloud is an content management system for providing controlled access to documents. NextCloud is hosted on XRNL's private hosting location.

Changes made to permissions in March 2020

  • What prompted this change?
    • A number of documents on NextCloud were accidentally deleted in February 2020.
    • Happily the vast majority of the missing files were restored from backups - however this was inconvenient for many users.
    • Review of the permissions showed that there were a large number of individuals sharing the same account userid ("rebels") and password -and that this account had high levels of access.

  • Requirement for NextCloud editors & co to have an account
    • It remains the case that users who only need read access to publicly NextCloud documents do NOT need a personal account
    • However accounts are now needed for:-
      • Anyone who is creating or editing content in NextCloud
      • Members of a team who use NextCloud for confidential content which can only be shared with a limited group of users
    • Take this Link to the webform for requesting a NextCloud account
  • Changes
    • There will no longer be a single "rebels" account for NextCloud. All accounts will be personal to an individual, and should not be shared.
    • You won’t be able to access everything like before but only the files/folders under your local group, working groups and the ones that people share with you and your group. You may encounter situations where some documents shared by someone from another working group are not accessible to you We are working on providing some documentation on how sharing works… more on this later.
    • Please note that not everyone needs an account on the cloud. Only if you are planning to create some documents there, it would be helpful otherwise you don’t need it.

Other info

    • [[https://help.

Note on NextCloud URL Formats

NextCloud can sometimes give messy URLs to use. The URLs in this table indicate formats which are reliable, short and easy to check. Use these sort of formats it setting up a link from the WIki to NextCloud

Element Type Action Ident Link Format Example
Folder VIEW FOLDER Folder 125076 https://cloud.extinctionrebellion.nl/index.php/f/125076
VIEW File PROPERTIES VIEW FILE PROPERTIES File 221791 https://cloud.extinctionrebellion.nl/index.php/f/221791
FILE - PDF etc VIEW FILE CONTENTS File 255580 https://cloud.extinctionrebellion.nl/index.php/f/255580
FILE - editable
word processing or spreadsheet for example
OPEN and EDIT File 221791 https://cloud.extinctionrebellion.nl/index.php/apps/onlyoffice/221791
OPEN File PDF   File 164641 https://cloud.extinctionrebellion.nl/index.php/apps/onlyoffice/164641
OPEN File PDF   File 125155 https://cloud.extinctionrebellion.nl/index.php/apps/onlyoffice/125155


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