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  • The names in the table below can grant you Read/Write access to the content related to your team on NextCloud
  • Click on the name of your Group Admin to Direct Message them on Mattermost.

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NextCloud Group Administrators

Note: The Links in the column "Group Name" only work for the Group Admins for each particular Group.

Team Type Circle, LG, etc Name Group Name
Note on these links
Group Admin, MM ID Link to NextCloud folder
Action Air Alarm Action AirAlarmAction_RW @atrociouswalnut, @bjeno_icpale, @frnk  
Action Digital Rebellion Action DigitalRebellion_RW @kathi.collab, @frnk  
Action Fashion Action FashionAction_RW @bjeno_icpale, @frnk  
Action Lenterebellie Lenterebellie_RW @annabel.act  
Action Paint the Streets PaintTheStreets_RW @peter_j  
Action SeptemberRebellie SeptemberRebellie_RW @armani  
Circle Action & Logistics ActionLogistics_RW @annabel.act, @bram-96  
Circle Arts Arts_RW @adil-j, @bjeno_icpale  
Circle Collaboration CollaborationCircle_RW @armani, @kathi., @anna.u,  
Circle Coordination Circle CoordinationCircle_RW @mvsha, @laurabirbalaite, @jab.minstroom, @jouwert.nat.fac  
Circle Finance Finance_RW @paulwin.fin  
Circle Future of Democracy FOD_RW @eva-das, @emi26_em, @ricardaamsterdam  
Circle Fondsenwerving - Fundraising Fondsenwerving_RW @paulwin.fin  
Circle Inclusion & Power InclusionPower_RW @fleurz  
Circle Integration Integration_RW @evabee, @samxr  
Circle International Rebellion Circle IRC_RW @armani  
Circle Legal Legal_RW,  
Circle Media & Communications MediaCircle_RW @mvsha, @pum_med_fac  
Circle Outreach & Training OutreachTraining_RW @danmulder, @darragh_ot, @roel.niemand, @rebel_bjarne  
Circle Political Strategy & Change PSC_RW @channah, @mueslipanda.psc  
Circle Regenerative Culture Regen_RW @marcom, @alex_quiterio  
Circle Tech Tech_RW @John_itdh, @samxr, @unknown  
Circle VVL VVL_RW @paulwin.fin VVL = Vrijwilligers Vergoeding Levensonderhoud
Community Families Families_RW @alfred_amsterdam, @mareka  
Community Insects InsectsGroup_RW @pippi  
Community Jongeren Jongeren_RW    
Community Scientists for XR Scientists_RW @mueslipanda.psc  
Community Therapists Therapists_RW @dina-denhaag  
Community XR Students and Universities Students_RW @joue, @mueslipanda.psc  
Local Group Alkmaar Alkmaar_RW @elodie  
Local Group Almere Almere_RW @roos_landbouw  
Local Group Amersfoort Amersfoort_RW @carel, @jthunissen  
Local Group Amstelveen Amstelveen_RW    
Local Group Amsterdam Amsterdam_RW @koenblezer, @ism  
Local Group Apeldoorn Apeldoorn_RW @hildeapeldoorn  
Local Group Arnhem/Nijmegen ArnhemNijmegen_RW @akke  
Local Group Breda Breda_RW @eus  
Local Group Castricum Castricum_RW @willems  
Local Group Delft Delft_RW @charlottebraat  
Local Group Den Haag DenHaag_RW @erica17.arts.dh  
Local Group Den Bosch DenBosch_RW @alichamathilda, @sifra-urtica  
Local Group Deventer Deventer_RW    
Local Group Dordrecht Dordrecht_RW @tristan.rep.dordt  
Local Group Eindhoven Eindhoven_RW @bram-96, @rebel_bjarne  
Local Group Enschede Enschede_RW @armani  
Local Group Groningen Groningen_RW @mueslipanda.psc  
Local Group Haarlem Haarlem_RW @walter.ot.haarlem  
Local Group Houten Houten_RW @auke_auke  
Local Group Leiden Leiden_RW @atrociouswalnut, @gerardvds  
Local Group Leeuwarden/Frysl├ón LeeuwardenFriesland_RW    
Local Group Maastricht Maastricht_RW @netsrik, @kasperxr  
Local Group Roermond Roermond_RW    
Local Group Rotterdam Rotterdam_RW @danny_rep_xr010, @amandel, @potatoxr  
Local Group Tilburg Tilburg_RW @rebel_bjarne  
Local Group Utrecht Utrecht_RW, @unknown,  
Local Group Wageningen Wageningen_RW    
Local Group Zaanstreek Zaanstreek_RW @peter_zaandam  
Local Group Zeeland Zeeland_RW    
Local Group Zutphen Zutphen_RW @rindertd  
Local Group Zwolle Zwolle_RW    
Media Library Media Library editors and uploaders MediaLibrary_RW and
@mvsha, @pum_med_fac, @armani Notes on Media Library permissions setup
National Project Citizens' Assembly CitizensAssembly_RW @eva-das, @emi26_em  
National Project Landbouw (Agriculture) Landbouw_RW @roos_landbouw  
National Project Movement Strategy Movement Strategy_RW @eva-das, @jelledegraaf  
National Project PG Working Group PGWG_RW @martijn_  
National Project Rebel Academy RebelAcademy_RW @frnk  
National Project SRT Self Regulating Teams SRT_RW  
Regional Group Local Group Coordination LGC_RW @bjeno_icpale  
Regional Group Regional Support Teams RSTs_RW @atrociouswalnut, @aaron_p, @potatoxr  

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