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This page contains information on all the standard actions and requests related to XRNL systems supported by the XRNL Tech Circle (and in some cases XR IT Global). Requests are listed by system in the tables below. Some are "self-service", and this page will provide the required procedure either on this page, or a link to it.

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NextCloud - Creating and sharing documents in XRNL's own Cloud

Description How to Request What to expect
NC01 Create NextCloud account for activist Follow instructions on this link. You must set your Userid in NextCloud should be same as your Mattermost ID (but leaving out the initial @ character) Self-service
NC02 Reset {forgotten) NextCloud account password Take this link to login page and click on "Forgot Password" link. The system will send an email which has a password reset link Self-service. You may need to check Spam folder to see the email from the system
NC03 Change (known) Password Log into NextCloud. Click account icon top right, and click Settings on Dropdown.
• Then click Security in the left hand side bar.
Else take this link direct
• You should then see a change password dialog.
• New valid passwords must contain four types of character - upper case letters, lower case letters, digits (0…9) and special chars ($, #, ^, * etc). They must have at least 8 charaters.
• Enter new Password twice, and click the Change Password button.
Self-service. Change your Password (when you know your existing one)
NC04 Info on user's account Take this linkSOONTBA to steps to follow to find
• your userid,
• what Groups you are a member of,
• what Groups are you Group Admin for
NC05 Get read/write access to particular area in NextCloud You must already have an NC account, if not see NC01 above. Find name of Group Admin for Group you need - on this page. Contact the Group Admin for that NextCloud area, advising your NextCloud userid. The Group Admin will add you to the relevant access control group
NC06 Change of Group Admin for a Local Group, Circle, Action, Community etc Post a request into NextCloud MM Channel indicating which area it refers to, who should be made a Group Admin, and anyone who no longer needs to be one. Tech team will make changes to the Group Admins, and update the Wiki page which lists all Group Admins for each Circle, Local Group, Action etc
NC07 Create standard new controlled area in NextCloud Follow instructions hereSOONTBA to create a posting into the NextCloud MM Channel Tech will set up a "Shared" folder, an "Internal" folder and an acces control group. This will have same structure and level of granularity as existing areas for Circles, Local Groups etc. Should be completed within one week.
NC08 Create special new area in NextCloud Follow instructions hereSOONTBA, create posting in NextCloud MM Channel Initial response within two working days.
NC99 Something else not covered above Explain what you want in a posting into the NextCloud MM Channel You will get an initial response within one working day to set up a conversation.

Wiki - Structured and searchable info about XRNL

Description How to Request What to expect
WK01 Create Wiki account for an Activist who will be taking role of Wiki editor for their Circle, Local Group etc. You do not need an account to read the Wiki. Follow self-service instructions here Self-service
WK02 Reset (forgotten) password Take this link to Reset a forgotten password You will be prompted for your Wiki Userid. The system will send an email to the email address you entered when you first registered.
WK03 Change (known) password Log into Wiki and then Click on this link to Change your password Self-service.
WK04 Change your the registered email address you have set up in the wiki (it is used for Password reset etc) Login in to Wiki and take this link Self-service.
WK05 Change Wiki account profile There are special links in this table for changing known password (WK03) and changing registered email address on wiki (WK04).For other changes…
First make sure you are logged in to the Wiki.

• Click on your Wiki userid here guest to take you to the webform to update your account.
To change your Mattermost ID, click the link "edit" which is next to the word "UserForm" towards top left, and then update the value in InstantMessaging (IM).

• Click Attach top right to upload an Avatar picture.
Not possible to change wiki userid without your account being deleted.
WK06 Get your wiki account set up as Editor for a team's wiki page(s) You must already have a Wiki account, if not see WK01 above. Follow instructions here, and make a posting into the Wiki MM Channel including your Wiki username, and name of your team. Tech will add you to Editors Group and show you as a Wiki editor in the List of Wiki editors for each Circle, Local Group etc within two working days.
WK07 Establish new Wiki page SOONTBA SOONTBA
WK99 Something else not covered above Explain what you want in a posting into the Wiki MM Channel You will get an initial response within one working day to set up a conversation.



Organisational Change - eg Set up Tech for New National Circle

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