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If you have a document that you would like to share publically, you can make it easily accessible through our website. For example, links to an important document about citizen's assemblies. This URL has been shared on posters, flyers, talks and more. Doing the same for another document is very simple. All you need is access to Nextcloud and the Wordpress panel of the XR NL website:

  1. Upload the document to Nextcloud. You should upload it to a public folder so you can share the document publically.
  2. Login into the website admin panel and make a new page on wordpress with the URL you want to use. You don't need to add any content here. The page just needs to exist so it can be redirected.
  3. Make the redirect
    1. On the wordpress side bar go to `tools > redirection`
    2. click on `add`
    3. In source URL paste the website URL from which you want to redirect from. This is the URL you created in step 2
    4. In the first options box select `ignore slash`. In the second option box select `ignore all parameters`
    5. Go to your Nextcloud document, click on sharing options and next to `share link` click on the clipboard icon in order to copy the link to your file
    6. Back on the website, in `target url` paste the URL to your document
    7. For the `group` option select `references`
    8. Click on `save`
That's it. Now if you go to the website URL it should take you directly to your document!

-- SamXR - 05 Dec 2020
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