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Predefined Macros

  • View the list of Macros defined as part of the standard FOSWIKI installation. MacrosQuickReference

Custom Macros on this Wiki

  • Custom Macros are declared on this page WebPreferences
  • As at 06-Apr-2020 there are the following Custom macros.

Plugins on this Wiki

All Plugins

  • This page provides a list of ALL Plugins - those installed by Default as part of a standard FOSWIKI installation, plus those which we have implemented for the XRNL Wiki. VarPLUGINDESCRIPTIONS

XRNL instance additional plugins

  • LinkOptionsPlugin - this adds a third block to the way in which Wikitext creates Links. This third block is used to add additional parameters to a URL (eg what goes into an HTML <a href= xxx> tag). It will be used mostly for "external" links, to make those links open in a New Tab - the last block is [Name:=_blank]. So Wiki links to other wiki pages load in the SAME Tab, while those external to the wiki open in a NEW Tab. Example of syntax of a Wikitext external link would be:-
    • [[XRNL Main Website][][Name:=_blank]]
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