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Identity Circle Outreach and Training
What it does

Within Extinction Rebellion NL, the Outreach and Training Circles are responsible for coordinating our activities aimed at bringing new rebels into the movement. This is primarily done through local Outreach and Training circles, who are best placed to reach out to potential rebels in their respective cities and regions. The National Outreach and Training Circle serves a coordinating and support role, which includes the following functions:

  • Facilitate national strategy creation

  • Alignment between local groups

  • Guides & templates

  • Talk slides

  • Best practices and learning

  • Trainers trainings NVDA, NVC, Talk, Intro

  • Oversee outreach to public figures and organizations

Contact Info Email outreach@extinctionrebellion.nl
Mattermost Channel Outreach & Training
Discourse Area Outreach & Training Category
Meetings Every other Thursday 19:30-21:00 Zoomlink and dates in header on MatterMost

Documents NextCloud Documents OutreachTraining_Shared on NextCloud
NextCloud Access Control Group: OutreachTraining_RW
Group Admins: @danmulder, @roel.niemand, @darragh_ot, @rebel_bjarne
Introduction doc Introduction to O&T
Standard Roles Vertegenwoordiger
Facilitator Vacancy/rotating
Coordinator @gimenezmarta11
Integrator Vacancy
Secretary Vacancy/rotating
Recurring event coordination Weekly talk coordinator @roel.niemand
Action training coordinator @roel.niemand
Citizens Assembly talk coordinator @darragh_ot
Rebel Ringing coordinator Vacancy
Speaker training coordinator @darragh_ot
Organizer training Vacancy
Action trainer training coordinator Vacancy
Non Violent Communication liason Vacancy
Targeted outreach Community outreach coordinator @darragh_ot
Organizations outreach coordinator Vacancy
Public figures outreach coordinator @paulh_xr
Outreach within XR Rebel journey sharer Vacancy
Peer-to-peer outreach coordinator Vacancy
Local group support Local group liason Vacancy
O&T Symposium coordinator @paulh_xr
O&T starting kit voor LG coordinator @barend
New local group scout & support Vacancy
Ambulant outreach squad Vacancy
O&T knowledge collector and sharer Vacancy
Other circle links Action link Vacancy
Arts link Vacancy
Regen link Vacancy
Media link Vacancy
International link Vacancy
All Members   @barend, @Lennart-goedhart, @danmulder, @darragh_ot, @roel.niemand, @sammy123,@paulh_xr, @alxsn1
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