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Start page for the XRNL Rebellion Coordination Circle, all can be linked from here.

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Category Info Details
Identity Circle Rebellion Coordination Circle
What it does Coordination for Rebellion specific working groups
Contact Info Email Not available
Mattermost Channel Rebellion Coordination Circle
Messaging Fossil Rebellion: Rebellion to Stop Fossil Industry Now.
Wikipage editors for RCC , @akelei.ams
Roles / working groups Member @amandel,@rye.ams.rep,, @dinolief, @meta_morphos, @jasmijn, @akelei.ams, @aliciamathilda, @dorus.legal.rep, @pau_la@rye.ams.rep, @merlin.xr, @thura.wag
Facilitator @amandel
Actions @dinolief
Arts @meta_morphos
Collab @jasmijn
Communications @akelei.ams
Community Program  
Integration @aliciamathilda
Legal @dorus.legal.rep
Local Link @pau_la
Media & Messaging @rye.ams.rep
Mobilisation @merlin.xr
Regen & Well-Being @thura.wag
Meetings Weekly  
Documents NextCloud Documents RebellionCoord_Shared on NextCloud
NextCloud Access Control Group: RebellionCoord_RW
Group Admins: , @akelei.ams
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